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Make Authority

What is Growth Marketing?

What is Growth Marketing

DropBox is known to have accelerated its growth by using its products. It provided storage space for each new business recommendation. This integration of product and marketing was new at the time. Sean Ellis, the first DropBox marketer at the…

8 Effective Marketing Channels in 2021

8 Effective Marketing Channels in 2022

Marketing channels are the tools and platforms you use to communicate with your target audience. In today’s digital media is a dominated world, when consumers turn to prosumers(an individual who both consumes and produces), marketing must use a multi-channel marketing…

How to Create a Content Calendar?

How to Create a Content Calendar

Content calendars streamline marketing strategy organization, increase efficiency, and save time. But what are the best strategies, tools, and ways to create it? And how do you come up with great content ideas? What is a Content Calendar? The content…

16 Expert Tips to Become a Better Writer

16 Expert Tips to Become a Better Writer

Writing is something everyone does every day. Shopping lists, business emails, and even WhatsApp messages are examples of how we all always write. Why are you afraid to write something longer? Maybe because you know it is read and analyzed…