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Lingaraj Senapati
Founder – Lingaraj Senapati

Hello Everyone, My name is Lingaraj Senapati.

I am the founder of makeauthority. I have been working as a freelance developer for 10 years, simultaneously been doing experimental work in digital marketing for 3 years and have been building startup businesses for 2 years after failing in 2 businesses.

Now, my final launch is the course “How to Make Money by Making Blogs”.

The beginning of my career was very difficult. I had a hard time choosing the best career option for myself.

During my college time, my friend told me that I can earn money online. I started to search for ways to make money online. I started my research when I was in college, but I became the victim of “Shiny Object Syndrome”. I fell into the trap of various websites on the internet that tells you that you can earn money by following their steps.

It takes time and patience to reach your goal. At that time nobody made me aware of this fact.

I lost the whole year of 2015 in building a single website that belongs to eBooks. During that experiment, I was doing copy-paste work on website content which did not work in the long run.

In 2016, I moved to Bhubaneswar for Digital Marketing training. But that organization did not teach us how to research keywords and rank on Google. They only provided us with theoretical knowledge which is of no use.

Hence, I have no idea about digital marketing because it is a practical field and I only acquired theoretical knowledge. After taking the training, I was working as a trainer for that organization in 2017 for 1 year. I was working for them to gain practical experience. But the training was of no value to me because I was unable to give any form of practical work to my students. The organization always forced me to quickly cover up the course content. 0 experiences with Facebook marketing, PPC marketing and other platforms were provided to the students.

I have faced lots of failure in the digital marketing field but still, I am learning continuously. Side by side, I am also giving training in different institutions. The previous year when lockdown started, I lost my job and decided to enter digital marketing and started taking actions based on my past experiences.

At last, I have successfully built around 8 websites, out of which 4 have got the approval of AdSense. Once upon a time, that is in 2015, it was very difficult for me to get approval from AdSense but now it looks very easy. The entire credit goes to my partner “Nikhil” and my brother who helped me to achieve my goal.

Till date, I am a learner and a practitioner. Digital Marketing takes a considerable amount of time to produce significant results.

It is important to ask yourself a vital question before joining any institute, which is “what I am learning here today and in how many days can I achieve my results?”

At last, all of my experiences have placed me on this course to build a blog or website to generate income for you.

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Thank You.