10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

As an ecommerce store owner, you already know that anyone can open a shop and sell online to potential customers all over the world. Many store owners make some mistakes on their e-commerce websites. In this article, we'll cover 10 common ecommerce mistakes to avoid every store owner.

In the digital era, an e-commerce website is part of every business. So you want to make your e-commerce store the best in the market.

As an e-commerce store owner, you already know that anyone can open a shop and sell online to potential customers all over the world. Many store owners make some mistakes on their e-commerce websites. In this article, we’ll cover 10 common e-commerce mistakes to avoid for every store owner.

Let’s start with:- 10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not doing proper market research

10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid
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Doing proper market research is important for every industry, If you skip market research in e-commerce, it is like opening a store without knowing what people want to buy.

In your mind, you love your product idea, but it could flop if there’s no demand in the market. Market research helps you to know who your customers are, what their age group is, why they buy the product, what type of problem they face, how to price and market it effectively, etc.

In short, market research is your key to launching a successful e-commerce store.

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2. Poor product presentation

Can you imagine buying a product without a guidebook? A good-quality image with a good description is important. On an e-commerce website, a picture is truly worth a thousand sales.

Poor product presentation can affect your conversion rate, and most customers return the product. With blurry photos, confusing descriptions, and a lack of feature details, they can’t inspect the quality and can’t imagine the product in use.

That’s why you should invest in high-quality visuals and rich descriptions that highlight features and benefits.

3. Distraction-free checkout

A checkout page is the final step a customer converts into a buyer; a smooth checkout process is like the final hurdle a customer needs to clear before becoming a loyal buyer. Every e-commerce business ignores smooth checkouts, but this is an important setup for the e-commerce website.

Imagine entering your card details only to be met with error messages, mandatory account creation, or hidden fees. In this scenario, the customer was frustrated and abandoned the carts.

That’s why, by improving your checkout process with guest checkout options, clear shipping costs displayed upfront, and secure payment gateways, you can ensure a smooth experience that converts customers into happy customers.

4. Poor navigation

When customers struggle to find a product that they’re looking for quickly and easily, if they are not getting it, they’re more likely to exit their shopping carts and go out to your competitors with better UX.

Confusing menus, categories, and broken search functionality are all examples of poor navigation, which affect potential sales and damage the company’s brand value. Navigation is important in e-commerce because it helps users find products quickly and easily. 

A well-designed navigation system can minimize steps and direct customers towards completing their purchase. It can help improve the overall user experience (UX) of your site and get higher conversion rates.

5. Ignoring mobile optimization

10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid
Image credit goes to pexels.com

Do you know, at least 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile device in the last 6 months of FY 2022?

Mobile devices are now the primary way people access the internet, and a website that is not optimised for mobile will be difficult to use and frustrating for customers, then customers will exit the store. This can decrease sales and lead to a decline in business.

Make sure your e-commerce store is mobile-friendly so that in just a few clicks, customers turn into potential buyers.

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6. Forgetting SEO

SEO is the best way to get customers online. But some e-commerce website owners do not invest in SEO; that’s why they can’t attract more traffic or lead on search engines. Forgetting SEO is just like opening a store in a hidden backstreet.

SEO is essential for e-commerce businesses because it can help attract more traffic, lead to higher conversions, and increase sales. 

7. Not investing in security

While every new business owner needs to watch their outgoings, especially early on, security should be seen as an investment rather than a cost.

Hackers are constantly on many ways to attack, including financial fraud, phishing scams, and infected links, etc. In an e-commerce business trust is currency if lose faith or trust customers never come to the website.

In customers hand over sensitive information like credit card details, and they expect it to be safe and secure. Investing in strong security to protect your customers’ data and your business from financial loss. It’s a smart decision for the e-commerce store.

8. Neglecting analytics and improving marketing tactics

10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid
Image credit goes to pexels.com

Analytics is important in every business, including e-commerce. You can track your customer behaviour, website traffic patterns, marketing campaign performance, etc.

By analyzing this data, you can optimize your marketing tactics to target the right audience, optimise product listings and presentations, and craft messaging that resonates.

Always neglecting analytics; it hampers your e-commerce business sales and profit. It’s also quite easy to do because most platforms will provide you with clear data on traffic sources, cart abandons, popular products, and on-site behavior.

9. Fewer payment options

Do you know e-commerce businesses lose $18 billion in sales revenue every year due to abandoned carts?

If offering multiple payment options is no longer a nicety, it’s a necessity. Every customer expects a smooth checkout experience with their preferred payment method, whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, or even buy-now-pay-later options.

If your e-commerce does not support the potential customer’s preferred payment option can drive them away nobody is going to open a new account.

Types of ecommerce payment methods:-

  1. Credit and Debit cards
  2. Digital wallets
  3. EMI
  4. Cash on Delivery
  5. Net banking
  6. UPI
  7. Buy-Now-Pay-Later
  8. Paypal

10. Lack of shipping options

In the e-commerce business, convenience is king. Offering a valuable product is important, just as the shipping experience plays a significant role.

Shipping can impact customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and market reach. Every customer expects fast and free delivery options when they buy anything online.

Do you know the fact that 50% of customers abandon their carts due to high shipping costs, taxes, and other fees?

74% of customers demand free shipping while they check out, and 93% of online buyers are motivated to buy more products if the e-commerce company offers free shipping options.


Avoiding common ecommerce mistakes is important for building a successful ecommerce store. By conducting thorough market research, optimizing your website for user experience and search engines, and prioritizing customer engagement and support, you can grow your ecommerce website. Always remember to continuously monitoring and adapting your strategies based on analytics and customer feedback also.

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