10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.

In this post, you will learn about a very important part of page SEO i.e Technical SEO.

In this technical SEO Checklist, I will cover here, the below tasks we are working on a one-time bise.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist

  • Plan your website structure.
  • Make sure your site is crawlable.
  • Make sure your site is indexable.
  • Make sure you are using HTTPS. 
  • Make sure your website is accessible in one domain.
  • Make sure your site is load fast.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Install the image compression plugin.

These tasks are done repeatedly on a periodic basis

  • Fix broken pages.
  • Fix duplicate content issues.

Now, we are ready to explain each technical SEO point in depth so, you understand better.

1. Plan your website structure 

At the beginning stage of website development, we have to plan our site in such a way that the user or different crawlers easy to find the content which is related to the solution to their problem. 

Search Engines always need your content representation proper way with website structure also. Because the content is presented in an unstructured way it’s difficult to find our needs while visiting the website, and also it increases the bounce rate they never come back to the site.

So how the website structure is said to be, see the below image you got an idea about it.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.

Source: ahrefs

If you’re a beginner and don’t have any idea then build a mind map that helps you to build site structure.  

In the above image you saw how the website structure is designed from the Top(Home) below (Services, About, Blog) then below Services(SEO, Social Media, PPC) likewise others are designed.

So this map indicates our site structure and internal linking to connect different parts of site which help visitors and search engines also.

2. Make your site is crawlable

Your site is crawlable otherwise no one will know your website. Now, the question is, how to make your site crawlable?

With the help of robots.txt. Here we mentioned which parts of the website are crawled by search engines and which parts are not. 

It’s important for every website owner to add it.

When the specific page or post is indexed or not, if you want to know then move to Google Search Console Coverage report gives the entire report regarding the pages which one crawled or not.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

So you have to ensure your robots.txt file while blocking the crawler or not, if block the post then check and write the robots.txt rule on it to crawl the site.

3. Make sure your site is Indexable

Indexable and crawlable are two different things. If the site is crawlable means crawled by any search engine on different posts and pages but doesn’t mean that post is indexable. 

While creating any post always check the “no-index” tag. If this tag is present then the post is not indexable. So how could you know it? 

Google tells about “no-index” on the Coverage report on the google search console.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

Using ahrefs Indexability report on Site Audit section.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

4. Make sure you’re using HTTPS

Now https is confirmed as a lightweight ranking factor. This means it somehow impacts the racking signal. 

If you’re not switching from http to https then switch it because it somehow added ranking factors. Because if your website has a contact form then the visitors do not hesitate to submit their data. Otherwise, it indicates less security and it is difficult to build trust among visitors.

So how could you know the https is added on the site?

Look at the below image where the padlock shows the site is secure and trusted.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

So the above image arrow shows you the padlock which is present in most websites.

5. Make sure your website is accessible in one domain

Generally, visitors are not able to visit multiple locations of the site, because it hampers the indexing, crawlable, and security issues.

So what is site multiple locations see below,

  • http://yoursite.com
  • http://www.yoursite.com
  • https://yoursite.com
  • https://www.yoursite.com

Now, the question is how could you know your site is not redirecting the above locations and always redirecting to one location?

There is a tool you can check the site redirect locations, the name of the tool is httpstatus.io.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.

6. Make sure your site loads the fastest

Yes, it’s important for your website and for visitors. Why? Because if your website takes more time to load then the bounce rate increases and also visitors never come back to your site.

So, now the question is how to handle this. Yes, it’s an important point to cover because if we are not focused on site speed then one time the website is down and it can’t pay back to you. 

Therefore you have to check your website speed on the google PageSpeed Insights tool and GTMetrix.  

Below the picture where you can see the site test results.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.

However, these tools only check one page at a time. So if you need to check all the pages of your site then visit ahrefs Site Audit where you will see that slow pages flag on the performance report segment.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

7. Make sure your site is mobile friendly

Yes, you don’t forget this point because if your website is not accessible through mobile it’s very complicated to retain visitors to the site. Because nowadays visitors mostly used mobile phones to access or communicate something. Hence your website is not mobile friendly then it’s a tough chance to bring the audience to your site.

Now the point is how to check whether my website is mobile-friendly or not. There are tools available to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Use Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool to help you on your site perfect work on mobile devices or not and also you can check where the fault arises.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.

8. Install an image compression plugin 

The image compression plugin is very important and must be installed on each website. Now, here you raise one question: Why? Because each website uses lots of images and infographic images in form of content. 

Adding more images increases the page size and also decreases the page speed. 

Hence adding different image compression plugins or CDNs helps us to maintain the page speed and loading time of the website.

There are lots of image compression plugins available for wordpress CMS sites. But, here I am mentioning about ShortPixel plugin where you can compress around 100 images free per month.

10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ShortPixel

If your site is not built on wordpress cms then move to ShortPixel web where you upload your site images and compress them.

9. Fix your website broken pages

Broken pages mean your site contains links but the links are inactive mode or somehow you delete the page but you forgot to unlink that page. So this case is called a broken page.

Now the question is how to find out these broken pages or links from the site.

Broken pages negatively impact user experience and break the flow of authority on the site.

So without a tool, you can’t find broken links or pages. Use ahrefs Webmaster Tools to find broken links using these steps

  • Crawl the site on SiteAudit
  • Go to the internal pages report
  • Look for the “404 Error” page error
10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

The above chart guides us to deal with broken links or pages by ahrefs.

10. Fix duplicate content issues

There are lots of topics on similar niche rank on google to compete with each other. 

Somehow the website owners build the content on a specific topic by targeting keywords.

But here they use keywords like,

“Best protein powder in India”

“Best protein powder in India June month”

“Best protein powder in India to intake in the morning”

“Best protein powder in India for Jim”

The above keywords you target and build around content on it multiple times then it’s duplicate content. 

So here you have to target one keyword and use other keywords as related keywords to build content around it.

However, how could you find out from your site duplicate content? 

Here you have to use Ahrefs Webmasters Tools to find the duplicate content on your website.

The steps you have to follow to find duplicate content on ahrefs

  • Crawl your website on SiteAudit.
  • Go to duplicate content report.
  • Hits the “Issues” Tab.
10 Basic Technical SEO Checklist For Website.
Source: ahrefs

Fix the canonicalization of affected URLs where you need to fix.

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